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Developing a website? I make your web design, redesign, and branding effortless and enjoyable. My knowledge of 20+ years of branding, art theory, and UI skill set combines innovative creativity with the latest tools to create you a stunning websites that captivate your audience.


Whether you're launching a new brand or revamping an existing one, we ensure a collaborative and exciting process, turning your vision into reality. Experience the ease and fun of web design with us—where your ideas come to life and your brand shines online. Elevate your digital presence seamlessly with our expert, user-friendly approach.

A fantastic case study for viewing my research and user interface was when I reworked Drag Queen Tours, a booking platform for a tour company in NYC.

Drag Queen Tours City.png


Drag Queen Tours: Where Fun Meets Fabulous!


Drag Queen Tours LLC is a boutique NYC historical travel company that is a booking platform offering private and large group tours and experiences that sashay around the city led by a certified professional tour guide Drag Queen.

The brief included a website audit, website branding, customer journey to the Point of Sales, persona development, icon development, and wireframing. 

Duration: 3 months for redesign (continuous upgrade)

Tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Zoom, FigJam, Wix, Microsoft products, Cell phone, Pen and Paper

Role: Founder and Owner,  Lead UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer

Methods: Scrum, Agile, and Design Collaboration


DRag Queen Tours Logo.png

Ethos of Drag Queen Tours

Born in the pandemic (2020!), Drag Queen Tours started as a way to bring back the sparkle to NYC. We showcase the city's most vibrant and fabulous spots with a healthy dose of drag queen sass!

Fast forward to 2022, and things needed a makeover. Website visits were low (around 50 a week) and bookings weren't exactly overflowing.

That's where I came in!


My mission? To get more people booking tours and capture the "fun meets fabulous" spirit of Drag Queen Tours online.

Client Insights

Starting fresh can be tough! To get a sense of what needed improvement, I talked to users. Here's their feedback on the original site:

Homepage Issues:

  • Confusing Logos: Users questioned the purpose of logos at the bottom of the homepage.

  • Inconsistent Calls to Action: Inconsistent "Book Now" buttons made it unclear where to take action.

  • Missing Review Links: Users wanted to know if logos linked to reviews on external websites.

Pricing Page Issues:

  • Unclear Pricing Structure: Users were unsure if prices changed for special occasions.

  • Lack of Information: Users wanted details about the bus tour option readily available.

FAQ/About Page Issues:

  • Confusing Page Order: Users felt the FAQ section should be before the About Us page.

  • Unclear Titles: The titles on these pages were confusing for users.


  • Clearer Headings: Used headings for each page to improve organization.

  • Simplified User Quotes: Paraphrased user quotes for easier understanding.

  • Focus on Issues: Emphasized the specific problems users encountered.

Previous Iteration

*Click on the image and highlight pink areas where a problem to users

In addition, I identified some usability problems with the old website:

  • Accessibility: Colors and spacing made it difficult for some users to navigate the site.

  • Repetitive Content: Information was repeated in multiple places, which can be confusing.

  • Cluttered Design: Too many distracting elements made it hard to understand what services are offered.

What needed to be done

Using the feedback we received, I worked with a UX/UI designer to revamp key areas of the website:

  • Engaging Homepage: We redesigned the homepage to capture the client's interest as they scroll, making them excited to learn more.

  • Clear Tour & Pricing: We reorganized the tour information and pricing structure to guide clients smoothly towards booking a tour.

  • Comprehensive FAQ: We created a user-friendly FAQ page with all the essential information clients might need before, during, and after their tour.




Industry Insights

New York City has tons of tour companies, so I knew my client's website needed to stand out!


To achieve this, I researched what makes other successful tour websites tick







The fundamental unifying factor of each tour company is communicating the "WHY"  behind the tour/ tour company.

"Why take this tour and not some other b*tch?"

Subsequently, the consistent wireframes, prices, and complimentary images. 

Drag Queen Tours City.png

Why and who would would love this tour?

This tour is perfect for three types of people: (Then list the client types).

  • Gay Male Couples ( 32 - 45 years )

  • LGBTQ+ Female Couple/ Allies ( 28 - 35 years )

  • Gay Male directors of LGBTQ+ groups or organizations ( 47 - 55 years )

Updated Look and Feeling of Site (Style Guide)

Clients mentioned the website's color scheme and font style needed an update. The old design used cool tones and a single font, which wasn't very engaging.

To create a more exciting homepage that grabs attention as users scroll, I looked at various website themes and mood boards for inspiration. These included tear sheets, Pinterest boards, and client feedback.

Here's a fun and simplified version of the text that captures the essence of the website's vibe:

**Let's paint the town rainbow! **

This website will be a total "FUN and Fabulous" extravaganza, just like drag itself. Think Barbie pink and turquoise for a bright, eye-catching pop. Black and white will keep things grounded, but don't worry, it'll still be a campy delight!

This is Drag after all.

Rainbow Glasses.jpg
I like Ice Cream.jpg
Barbie Pink.jpg
New York CIty Rainbow 2.png

Here's a fixed and simplified version of the text:

Headlines & Text Need Personality!

  • Headings (H1 & Bolder Text): We need fonts that are bold, professional, and a bit whimsical to stand out and set each section apart. Nunito Extra Bold (a sans-serif font) is a great option for this!

  • Body Text (H2, H3 & Regular Text): This text should be professional, easy to read, and still feel fun and inviting. While Nunito Extra Bold works here too, Anenir Light (a thin, clear font) would be a good choice for tour details.

Wireframes and Updates

We ditched the boring templates!

The UX designer and I worked together to create a website layout that's both easy to use (clean) and full of personality (exciting).


Drag Queen Tours needs to be professional, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun too!

Putting it all Together

After multiple iterations, all the components were put together. 

Website Highlights:


  • Simplified navigation: About, Tours, Media, and Book Now button.

  • Easy to scroll through: Services, company overview, reviews, and affiliates.

  • Makes finding key information quick and easy.

Tours Page:

  • Two tour options: Small groups (2-8 people) and large groups (8+ people).

  • Clients can choose specific areas to personalize their experience.

About Page:

  • Explains why Drag Queen Tours is the best choice with short, easy-to-read points.

  • Details the benefits of the tour experience.

  • Introduces the tour guide and the company's story.

Drag Queen Tours City.png

Impact and Results

The website revamp was a total showstopper!

  • Bounce rate took a nosedive: Down a whopping 82.2%, users were much more engaged and stayed exploring.

  • Traffic skyrocketed: Weekly visits exploded from a mere 50 to an impressive 1.1K on average, that's a 22x increase!

  • Bookings boomed: From just 1 booking every month, we saw a fabulous 4x increase to a monthly average of 4 bookings!

Overall, this site was a delight to develop. Drag Queen Tours connected with so many clients in new and exciting ways.


From the engaging design to the improved user experience, this website truly embodied the "fun and fabulous" spirit of Drag Queen Tours.

We highly recommend this tour company. We loved every minute and by the end, we felt like family. If you are looking for. a personalized tour filled with fun facts and amazing drag, then Drag Queen Tours NYC is the company for you!

Five Star Reviews

Drag Queen Tours City.png

Drag Queen Tours Team 

Owner/ Founder
Brilliant UX/ UI Design and Researcher: Britney Nichols
Amazing 8 Users Interviews
All the Fabulous clients who joined the tour.

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