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Overview: Drag Queen Tours LLC is a boutique NYC historical travel (tour guide) company that offers private and large group tours and experiences that sashay around the city led by a certified professional tour guide Drag Queen.

The brief included a website audit, website branding, customer journey to the Point of Sales, persona development, icon development, and wireframing. 

Duration: 3 months for redesign (continuous upgrade)

Tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Zoom, FigJam, Wix, Microsoft products, Cell phone, Pen and Paper

Role: Founder and Owner,  Lead UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer

Methods: Scrum, Agile, and Design Collaboration


DRag Queen Tours Logo.png

Ethos of Drag Queen Tours

The inception of Drag Queen Tours marked its establishment during the midst of the pandemic (2020) as a creative venture, intending to rekindle interest in the city and offer a vibrant exploration of the lively and fabulous sites of New York City.


In 2022, Drag Queen Tours had a few clients and retention was low on the website. The data showed that there were about 50 views a week. 

Thus, I wanted to gain more bookings as well as craft an experience on the web platform that could effectively capture the essence of the "fun meets fabulous" vibe.

Client Insights

I wasn't certain where to begin however, interviews were conducted and this is what folks were saying about the original site.

Contextual Feedback from Interview


  • Homepage

    •  “Why are these here?” (logos at the bottom)

    • "The Book Now buttons are not consistent and this doesn't entice me to learn more"

    • “Do they link to reviews at these websites?”


  • Pricing Page

    • “I’m confused. Does this pricing change for special occasions?”

    • “I don’t want to have to ask about this (bus tour), just tell me.”


  • FAQ/About Page

    •  “I think FAQ should come first before the about. It seems more important.”

    • “I’m confused by these titles here.”

Previous Iteration

Click on the image and highlight pink areas where a problem to users

In addition, The UX/UI designer and I hammer out some of the Key performance issues with the previous site.

  • Accessibility issues with coloring and spacing

  • Items are repeated

  • Too many distractions, not a clear indication of services are offered

What needed to be done

After receiving the feedback I was I managed a UX/UI designer to undergo multiple parts of the web redesign.


The major areas that needed auditing were:


  • Invigorate the Home/ Landing Page to excite the client's interest as they scroll 

  • Articulate the types of tours and pricing structure to motivate and move clients smoothly through Point of Sale

  • Refine a professional FAQ Page to inform the clients of the best information before, after, and during a tour




Industry Insights

Tour companies are a Dime a Dozen in New York City. To understand how to develop a Fabulous, functioning, and successful website I took a look at a competitive comparison to other sites.







The fundamental unifying factor of each tour company is communicating the "WHY"  behind the tour/ tour company.

"Why take this tour and not some other b*tch?"

Subsequently, the consistent wireframes, prices, and complimentary images. 

Drag Queen Tours City.png

Why and who would would love this tour?

After much deliberation, the three types of clients who are interested in this tour are:

  • Gay Male Couples ( 32 - 45 years )

  • LGBTQ+ Female Couple/ Allies ( 28 - 35 years )

  • Gay Male directors of LGBTQ+ groups or organizations ( 47 - 55 years )

Updated Look and Feeling of Site (Style Guide)

 An observation that clients have commented on was the color scheme and style guide of the website. Previously the color scene was on the cool-toned side by using all the same font.


To invigorate the Home/ Landing Page to excite the client's interest as they scroll I reviewed several workable themes and inspiration from tear sheets, Pinterest boards, and Client feedback.  Below are the inspirations.

Rainbow Glasses.jpg
I like Ice Cream.jpg
Barbie Pink.jpg

Focusing on the rainbow with a fun vibrancy as well as resonates with the LGBTQ+ community, bright (Barbie-esque) pink/ Turquoise highlights will "Drag up" the whole website, and white and black round out the page the webpage gives the website a completely holistic: "FUN and Fabulous" Vibe with a touch of camp. 

This is Drag after all.

New York CIty Rainbow 2.png

The typeface and font for the H1 and Bolder statements needed to mark each section separately, boldly,  professionally, and with a sense of whimsy/adventure. A Nunito Extra Bold a sans-serif sont would lend itself well to the overall vibe.

The typeface and font for H2, and H3, and all information also has to be professional, legible, and playful. Inviting the audience to more. Again, A Nunito Extra Bold sans-serif font would work, however, a slender legiable Anenir Light is refined when discussing the details of the tour.

Wireframes and Updates

We had encountered many "templates" in our C and C analysis which were dull and dry. 

The UX designer and I paid particular attention to creating a cohesive and NOT BORING layout. 


Drag Queen Tours had to have a balance of cleanliness and excitement otherwise the user would deem the site unprofessional leave.

Putting it all Together

After multiple iterations, all the components were put together. 

  • The Home page has reduced global navigation:

    • About​

    • Tours

    • Media

    • Book Now (Call to Action)


Followed by a brisk scroll of the services, an overview of the company, reviews, and affiliates.

This will support the user with quick and easy access to Key Performance Indicators

  • The Tours Page has two options for tours:

    • Small group tours (private tours for 2-8 people)​

    • Large group tours (corporate or organizations with 8+ people)

In addition, there will be "ideas/areas" that clients can choose that will work best for the experience they want.

  • The About Page focuses on:

    • Why book with Drag Queen Tours in short digestible phrases

    • What you'll get us out of the experience

    • Who is the tour guide and what story of the company

Drag Queen Tours City.png

Impact and Results

The changes to the website had an outstanding effect.

  • The bounce rate decreased - Down 82.2%

  • The number of users increased - from 50 to 1.1 K a week on average 
  • More books had taken place from the previous year - 1 every month to 4 a month

Overall, this site is delightful to develop.  Drag Queen Tour connected with so many clients in new and exciting ways. 

Five Star Reviews

Drag Queen Tours City.png

We highly recommend this tour company. We loved every minute and by the end, we felt like family. If you are looking for. a personalized tour filled with fun facts and amazing drag, then Drag Queen Tours NYC is the company for you!

Drag Queen Tours Team 

Owner/ Founder
Brilliant UX/ UI Design and Researcher: Britney Nichols
Amazing 8 Users Interviews
All the Fabulous clients who joined the tour.

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