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Mobile + ApplE Ios applications

With extensive experience in developing for mobile iOS, I have a proven track record of creating innovative, high-performance applications tailored to the Apple ecosystem. My expertise spans across designing user-friendly interfaces, optimizing app functionality, and ensuring seamless integration with the latest iOS updates.

By leveraging robust tools and frameworks, I consistently deliver apps that not only meet but exceed user expectations. Let my proficiency in iOS development elevate your mobile presence and drive exceptional user engagement.

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Starship Logo.1.png

Robot Food- Delivery App

Starship Robot.2.png
Starship Robot.2.png
Starship Robot.2.png

Robot Autonomous deliveries is here to stay!

Starship Technologies, is currently the world leader in robot delivery services. The robots deliver items through Apple IOs and Smartphone mobile applications from stores to customers within a 4-mile radius. Once ordered, the robots’ entire journey and location can be monitored on a smartphone.

Starship had issues with users abandoning check-out regularly. We were tasked to find a way to streamline the checkout and ordering process, as well as find pain points throughout the whole point-of-sale process. 

Duration: 2 weeks

Tools: Figma, Miro, Adobe Creative Suite, Zoom, FigJam, Microsoft products, Google Onedrive, Cell phone, Pen and Paper

Role: UX/UI Designer

Methods: Agile, Lean



“Starship Technologies robots…do a good job with the end-to-end experience and have an app that’s integrated into the university system.”

–Jason Richards, Dax Bot Sales Rep

Clients that Starship Services

Starship Technologies delivers on-demand goods, mainly on college campuses across the US. They saw DoorDash and Seamless doing well in that space.

Our team was tasked with simplifying the checkout and ordering process for Starship at the University of Wisconsin. If this works well, we plan to roll it out to other campuses too!

Where To Begin? 

I surveyed to over 100 people to see how they felt about getting their food delivered by a robot.

Results from a User Survey.png

We also did a site map of the current app and landing page:
Users were unclear about the navigation.

Frame 1.png
Frame 2.png

What else was discovered?

On average, competitors averaged between 8 and 9 screens while Starship had 10+ screens from the beginning until Point of Sale.

Starship Feature inventory.png

User Interviews

10+ People ages 19-30 living on or near a college campus.

Starship User Interviews.png

What was the journey?

The Starship App isn't as user-friendly as it could be. People get frustrated with having to confirm their location too often, the navigation is confusing, and the graphics aren't consistent.

Journey Map 3.png

Users abandon orders and app with negative experiences due to confusing navigation

Journey Map 4.png

Users complete an order from start to checkout but unclear if an order has been placed 

The Users

From the insights of users and contextual inquiries, two personas emerged.



"These robots are so adorable! I love seeing them around campus."

20 | Undergraduate Student
Newer to Starship App

Sam, a big fan of new tech, loves the idea of robot food delivery. But hold on! Sam hesitates to use Starship because of those crazy fees most delivery apps charge.

Sam prefers ordering by phone. On the flip side, Sam enjoys exploring new restaurants with friends and shopping on State Street.



"My life is so busy, that I must have my food delivered to me on-time without issues"

28 | Graduate Student
TA | Part-time job
*Uses Starship App a lot

Pat, a busy grad student and TA, relies on Starship for quick on-campus food deliveries. But Pat gets frustrated when the delivery robots take detours instead of the fastest route.

Beyond convenience, Pat cares about the environment and supporting businesses that share their values


Starship Process.png

For usability testing, each stage was tested by 10 different individual users.


Ultimately we want happy users who leave with a better impression of the product than when they started.

Different Iterations.png

Moving Forward

Starship Next Steps.png

Starship Technologies Team

UX team (3 people: Me,  Sophia Finster and Valerie Moore )
Users and Onboarded Clients

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