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Overview: Run Free Trainings is a virtual coaching service for runners. Founded by Ryan Hall, an Olympic marathon runner, the program not only offers training advice but also nutrition and mobility coaching.

Run Free website had a high bounce rate and sought to increase membership through their platform. This included 
an overall UX audit of Web and Mobile sites with a focus on usability and accessibility. Lastly, deliver impactful storytelling to showcase the company's principles, the "Holistic Five".

Duration: 4 weeks

Tools: Figma, Miro, Adobe Creative Suite, Zoom, FigJam, Squarespace, Microsoft products, Cell phone, Pen and Paper

Role: UX/UI Designer

Methods: Agile, Lean


New LapTop.2.png

The program is built on the holistic five methods: training, nutrition, rest, the 1%, and your internal game.

Run Free Trainiing Ethos

Run Free Technologies had a 60 % bounce rate in addition users had navigation and certain pages, such as the "About" page, were never visited.

The top priorities:

  •  Implement impactful storytelling to show the ‘Holistic Five’ Principles through visual icons and the virtual coaching process

  • Improve CTAs for free consultation form and sign up/payment process

  • Effectively communicate client success stories for both the home page and Testimonials page.

"WHY is this significant?" one might inquire.

  • The brands' methods have changed lives and created success. Having an unclear brand ethos creates mistrust in the product and service, thus having a scannable and easy-to-understand story and offering 

  • Users have often found the site map confusing thus abandoning the cart. This is due to the cognitive overload experienced through interacting with an unclear site navigation and sign-up process. Improving this journey will guide the user to a successful checkout.

  • Runfree's first method of gaining customers was word of mouth. As the company grew and developed a web presence this method has proved ineffective, thus having clear clients testimonials will encourage users to sign-up

Overall Run Free's first iteration of the website was deemed untrustworthy.

Understanding the Users

 12 unique runners were interviewed to discuss their wants, needs, and habits 

Frame 7.png

User's issues with the website

To gain a better understanding of what was happening on the website the runners were additionally asked a few questions. 

I also conducted a competitive and comparative analysis of several other "health and wellness" brands to gain a perspective on their key performance indicators.

Click here to view the C & C analysis and Old site map.

The Problem is ...

Click here to view the Breakdown problem.

User journey and pain points

In addition to gaining client insight, I explored personas and the journey they went through while going through the website.

Frame 13.png
Frame 12 (1).png
Frame 16.png

How might we ...

Two additional HMW statements to address the issues of the users. This one was an overarching statement that went directly to the source of the issue. 

Development and Design

We proposed a global navigation/ site map using a card sorting analysis, which had a positive response throughout all iterations of the design.

New Site Map.png

100% of the users tested approved of this updated global navigation with zero interruption in flow.

Development Steps

Frame 17.png

Home Page wireframes

Frame 14.png
Frame 1.png

Client Success page wireframes

Frame 7.png
Frame 6.png
Frame 1 (1).png

User Feedback and Observations

In each design phase, the users wanted and needed to see specific information about each page.
Home Page

  • Primary needs and wants:

    • A clear understanding of the brand and product, An enticing visual explanation of brand philosophy, Must-see pricing and what they will get from the product, Client success stories, Video for further information

Testimonials Page

  • Primary needs and wants:

    • Success stories that relate to clients. Name of client, Successful quote, Where clients are from, The coach they trained with, Short story 

Holistic Five "Philosophy" Page:

  • Primary needs and wants:

    • Clear visual icons that show the relationship of each Holistic Five to the runner's regime, A call to action button, Related videos 

Consultation CTA Page:

  • A reminder of the "Holistic Five" " reformatted questions that are not leading, Centered clear design, A written timeline for reassurance

Additional needs: 

  • Confirmation page to indicate the form was submitted, Visual cues that indicate the next steps in the process

Side by Side Comparison



Click here to view the updated Client success stories page  and Consultation page.

New LapTop.2.png

Impact and User Journey

Frame 18.png

100% of the users tested approved of this updated global navigation with zero interruption in flow

Next Steps

In addition to positive feedback from the users, the stakeholders of Run Free were very satisfied with the new designs.

Frame 12 (2).png

Since this freelance project ended Runfree has implemented a membership sign-on page as well as rearranged a few key components of the new design.

Run Free Trainings Team

Wonderful Team Mates (3 People- Nydak, Sheeri, Nathan Lane)
Owners/ CEO
Head of Development and Tech Designer team (2 people)
15 people for interviews

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