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YOu made it!

Ahoy there :-). 

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When someone asks me, "what do you do?"

I say, "I love designing and I chose UX as my medium."

What is that?   (usually, a follow-up question)

Well... I am a UX researcher and designer with 20 years of experience in fashion and hospitality. I combine my experience in design and customer service to build authentic experiences that connect users (like you) intuitively to a company’s products and values.

Well, that is cool, and why is that?  (maybe the next thought)

My goal is to create, support, and help users confidently have engaging purposeful products that will improve their lifestyles both creatively and socially.

As my photo showcases, I love adventure, travel, and nature. Also, I am a good-humored guy who loves challenges as well as thrives on collaborative efforts that make a difference.

My friends say that I am compassionate, imaginative, and creative. 
But I say, "I am a natural leader who strives for greatness."

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Got to have
family, friends, and fun
*Not in that order :-)

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