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Additional Experience

Senior UX Designer with 6+ years  in enhancing digital experiences across tech, fashion, and entertainment sectors. This coupled with 20+ years of experience in fashion design, accessory design, branding, art, and product design.


Proven ability to lead user experience strategies and design initiatives that significantly improve user engagement and drive business growth. Demonstrates strong analytical skills to diagnose user behavior and implement effective solutions, driving significant business growth and customer satisfaction.


Experience fostering collaborative environments and mentoring design teams to embrace innovative approaches and best practices. Skilled at aligning UX strategies with business objectives to ensure a cohesive and impactful user experience across all digital platforms.

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Sharif: A fashion legacy, a modern twist.

For over 35 years, Sharif has captivated the world with his iconic, vintage-inspired designs. His creations are a unique blend of shapes, luxurious materials, and a vibrant mix of colors and textures. They pay homage to the 1980s with a contemporary twist, making them perfect for the modern woman of any age.

My role? Bringing Sharif's vision to life online.

I designed and continue to maintain the Sharif 1827 e-commerce platform. Here, I ensure the brand's unique style guide and ethos are reflected in every aspect of the user experience.



  • Drove a 3900% increase in annual sales through strategic enhancements to the e-commerce platform.

  • Developed and executed digital campaigns that increased product visibility and effectively communicated brand identity, contributing to 2x in online consumer traffic.

  • Upgraded B2B and B2C e-commerce shopping experiences, resulting in a 300% increase in company sales post-redesign.

Duration:  2017 -  2021

Tools: Square Space, Adobe Creative Suite,  Pen and Paper, Google products

Role:  UX/UI Designer, Senior Designer

Methods:  Agile, Waterfall

Mineral Springs Trading Co.

 Mom and Pop Artisan E-commerce Platform


Mineral Springs Trading Co. brings the magic of their brick-and-mortar boutique online!

This e-commerce website is your one-stop shop for over 100 unique treasures, from beauty and bath products to inspiring cookbooks. Think "frivolities and essentials for an art-fueled life," curated especially for you.

We're making it easier than ever to bring that art-fueled feeling home. Our improved website and mobile app offer a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience, with clear navigation and a user-friendly journey.

Duration: 2-week sprint

Tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Unity, Pen and Paper, Miro, Google products

Role:  UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer

 Agile, Lean

Device - Macbook Pro (2).png


To understand our ideal customer better, we talked to 9 amazing women aged around 45. We discussed their shopping habits, lifestyle preferences, and online shopping experiences.

By analyzing their insights, we created a roadmap to success! This roadmap, called an Affinity Map, helped us identify key trends and tailor the Mineral Springs Trading Co. website to their needs.

Here's what we learned: Shoppers are getting frustrated! Our website navigation is confusing, the checkout process is buggy, and product listings are inconsistent. We need to fix this!

By understanding what matters to our customers, we can create a website that's not just a shop, but a delightful shopping experience.

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Frame 9 (2).png

"I like handmade items. Particularly when the artist has a story behind them. I can support that"

Frame 8 (2).png

Problem Statement

Mineral Springs attracts eco-conscious shoppers looking for unique items, but their website makes it difficult to find what they need. Frustrated customers end up going to big-box retailers for a smoother shopping experience.

How Might We:

  • HMW make browsing and checkout so effortless that eco-conscious shoppers can find and buy unique gifts from Mineral Springs with zero frustration?


  • HMW design a website experience that celebrates the unique treasures of Mineral Springs and makes it easier than big-box retailers for customers to discover and purchase them? 

Design Iterations 

I utilized the "F" and "Z" page structures to keep users (such as Alice) engaged.

Multiple hand sketches, Figma mock-ups, and usability tests informed the best solution. 

Home page

Prototype (1).png

Item page

Prototype3 (2).png

Your cart

Prototype2-Add to cart (1).png


I streamlined the website navigation based on user feedback!

Here's what users loved:

  • Clear and easy navigation: 

    • I implemented a top navigation bar with a well-organized dropdown menu (based on card sorting) to make finding items a breeze.

  • Search bar for convenience: 

    • We added a search bar for users who know exactly what they're looking for.

  • Informative shopping cart: 

    • A clear pop-up box displays cart contents, allowing users to easily add or remove items and proceed to checkout seamlessly.

Based on user feedback, we toned down the design:

  • Subtler visuals: 

    • We replaced overly large photos and banners with a more streamlined aesthetic.

  • Reduced scrolling: 

    • We optimized the checkout page to minimize scrolling, making for a more user-friendly purchase experience.

Device - Macbook Pro (2).png

Outcome and What's Next

Frame 16 (1).png
  • Reiterate  Mid-fidelity

  • Rework the "Artist" feature section 

  • Consider the addition of Log-in for customer loyalty programs

Mineral Springs- Photo.jpg
Frame 16 (2).png


Empowering Women's Style in a New Era !

The world is changing, and so is women's fashion! After a period of isolation, women are reclaiming their personal style and rediscovering the joy of dressing up. But with busy schedules and evolving needs, figuring out what to wear can feel overwhelming.

Introducing M(i) Warbrode!

This mobile app concept tackles the post-pandemic fashion conundrum by offering a personalized and customizable clothing experience.

Here's what sets us apart:

  • User-focused approach: Backed by in-depth user research and usability testing, our clickable Mid-fidelity prototype prioritizes a user-friendly experience.

  • Customization is key: We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Our app empowers women to create unique looks that reflect their individual style and needs.

Duration: 2 weeks

Tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Zoom, FigJam, Microsoft products, Google Onedrive, Cell phone, Pen and Paper

Role: UX/UI Designer

Methods: Agile, Lean

Artboard (1).png

Getting to the root of the issue starts with the inquiry.

What are your shopping habits?
What is your daily and weekly flow- Ex: Wake-up?
Where do you shop for clothes online?
What apps have you used for a similar feature?
What is the ideal time that you like to take to get ready?
How many pieces do you wear?
What are you seeking to find when you go shopping online?
What amount of money do you spend on your clothing every month?
Rate words and feelings 0-10- Stylist, wardrobe coordinator, dresser, personal shopper.

Frame 18 (8).png

Discover the User

Persona (1).png
Frame 21.png
Frame 18 (6).png
Frame 19 (1).png
Frame 20.png

User Journey

Frame 19.png
Mask Group.png

User Feedback

Useability tests were conducted on both low and mid-fidelity.

“App is really easy to use and navigate”

"Like the option of uploading my own photo."

"Clean and Clear to understand what app was about."

Frame 17 (1).png

What's next?

  • Flush out the pain points of the mid-fidelity prototype.

  • Brainstorm on having a “HOME” page. test out the home page.

  • Create an integrative cloud base service

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