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Mineral Springs Trading Co.

 Mom and Pop Artisan E-commerce Platform

Overview: Mineral Springs Trading Co. is a brick-and-mortar boutique and online store based on the principles of "frivolities and essentials for an art-fueled life",  It offers 100+ unique items from beauty and bath products to cookbooks. This site is packed full of delightful gems that anyone would love to buy. 

A successful outcome is to improve Web and Mobile navigation and user journey through the site, driving key performance indicators, specifically reducing abandoned carts, and increasing point of sales. Aesthetically, the goal is to give customers the art-fueled experience they have when inside the store.

Duration: 2-week sprint

Tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Unity, Pen and Paper, Miro, Google products

Role:  UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer

 Agile, Lean

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I interviewed 9 females with an average age of 45  about their shopping habits, lifestyle, and eCommerce experiences.
Following the Interviews, I created an Affinity Map to decipher Key Trends

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Frame 9 (2).png

"I like handmade items. Particularly when the artist has a story behind them. I can support that"

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Problem Statement

Mindfully conscious users want to purchase from Mineral Springs but have a difficult time finding items, so they leave the site for the ease and convenience of "Big Box" retailers.

How might we create a unique and intuitive shopping experience where users confidently find and purchase items with confidence and ease?

Design Iterations 

I utilized the "F" and "Z" page structures to keep users (such as Alice) engaged.

Multiple hand sketches, Figma mock-ups, and usability tests informed the best solution. 

Home page

Prototype (1).png

Item page

Prototype3 (2).png

Your cart

Prototype2-Add to cart (1).png


In each design phase, things needed to be eliminated or edited.
Users requested:

  • Top navigation with a card-sorted dropdown was used for ease of finding items.

  • A search bar was added as an additional finding feature.

  • Users responded positively to the clear pop-up box to indicate "what's in your cart" and a clickable way to add items, opt out, and move to the purchase page

Users did not respond well:

  • The format throughout the iterations was not exciting enough. 

  • Did not need large photos/ banners on pages.

  • Did not like to scroll on the purchasing page.

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Outcome and What's Next

Frame 16 (1).png
  • Reiterate  Mid-fidelity

  • Rework the "Artist" feature section 

  • Consider the addition of Log-in for customer loyalty programs

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Overview: In a post-COVID world, women are having a difficult time figuring out what to wear and are looking for customizability to support their needs.

Create a clickable Mobile IoS Mid-fidelity prototype with an emphasis on user research and usability testing. 

Duration: 2 weeks

Tools: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Zoom, FigJam, Microsoft products, Google Onedrive, Cell phone, Pen and Paper

Role: UX/UI Designer

Methods: Agile, Lean


Artboard (1).png

Getting to the root of the issue starts with the inquiry.

What are your shopping habits?
What is your daily and weekly flow- Ex: Wake-up?
Where do you shop for clothes online?
What apps have you used for a similar feature?
What is the ideal time that you like to take to get ready?
How many pieces do you wear?
What are you seeking to find when you go shopping online?
What amount of money do you spend on your clothing every month?
Rate words and feelings 0-10- Stylist, wardrobe coordinator, dresser, personal shopper.

Frame 18 (8).png

Discover the User

Persona (1).png
Frame 21.png
Frame 18 (6).png
Frame 19 (1).png
Frame 20.png

User Process Map

Frame 19.png
Mask Group.png

User Feedback

Useability tests were conducted on both low and mid-fidelity.

“App is really easy to use and navigate”

"Like the option of uploading my own photo."

"Clean and Clear to understand what app was about."

Frame 17 (1).png

What's next?

  • Flush out the pain points of the mid-fidelity prototype.

  • Brainstorm on having a “HOME” page. test out the home page.

  • Create an integrative cloud base service

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Sharif Logo.png

Overview:For over thirty-five years, Sharif has had global success selling his iconic, vintage designs.  His unique shapes, extravagant materials, and mélange of color and textures pay homage to the 1980s while keeping a contemporary flair, perfect for modern women of all ages. 

My task was to design and maintain the Sharif 1827
E-commerce platform
using and evolving the Sharif style guide/ ethos. 

Duration: May 2017 - February 2021

Tools: Square Space, Adobe Creative Suite,  Pen and Paper, Google products

Role:  UX/UI Designer



Firenze Bella.png

Overview:Firenze Bella is a casual chic leather handbag brand inspired by artisanal Italian-esque designs. They offer superior craftsmanship at exceptional price value to women of all ages.

My task was to design and maintain the Firenze Bella

E-commerce platform using and evolving the Firenze Bella style guide/ ethos. 

Duration: May 2017 - February 2021

Tools: Square Space, Adobe Creative Suite,  Pen and Paper, Google products

Role:  UX/UI Designer



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