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Hi there, Welcome.   

I am

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a creative and digital experience champion!

As a UX researcher and UI designer, From 3D AI software to fashion-forward e-commerce, I bring joy to the digital world. 

What you will get is beautifully creative functional designs that connect people and elevate their lives. ✨


MY Services

Web Design, Wed Redesign, Web Audits, Branding, Web Content

Webflows, Wire Frames, Prototyping,
and User Journeys

About Me

Senior UX Designer with 6+ years of experience in enhancing digital experiences across tech, fashion, and entertainment sectors. Proven ability to lead user experience strategies and design initiatives that significantly improve user engagement and drive business growth. Demonstrates strong analytical skills to diagnose user behavior and implement effective solutions, driving significant business growth and customer satisfaction.


Experience fostering collaborative environments and mentoring design teams to embrace innovative approaches and best practices. Skilled at aligning UX strategies with business objectives to ensure a cohesive and impactful user experience across all digital platforms.

Collaboration is my jam! Great people + great trust =  great products.


Lastly, I'm a naturally jovial person who loves discovery, adventure, travel, and nature.

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"Stephen is easily one of the best UX Designers I have worked with. Stephen is able to collaborate together with engineers to bring to life mockups that are focused on addressing the needs of customers."

Paul Q.

Clothing Tech LLC

"I felt like I can always rely on him when I needed something to be done, or when I needed input. However, what I liked the most about working with Stephen is his attention to detail. He would always recognize the smallest details in our UI designs and would think of how the customer would react to the smallest changes."

Samer M.

Clothing Tech LLC

"He's very creative, takes direction well and also gives great suggestions. He's highly skilled in UX/ UI and since we are a small company we have to do pretty much everything even sometimes. He's very flexible and adaptable to any changes to comes his way. He's a great team player & an asset to any design team."

Wen Wen Lin

Sharif Designs

"One word describes Stephen, passion.Not only is Stephen passionate about UX design, but he is also a great communicator and makes a wonderful team member. His cheerful personality really puts others at ease helping user to open up." 

Valerie M. 

Starship Tech

UP Your Game w. Me

* Figure Out the Problem

* Fix Your Branding, User Journey, Wire Frames, ect.

* Connect with Your People (User's)

* Increase Your Web Presence

* Impact Your Bottom Line


No task is too big or too small.

Work with me and you will love the results.

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