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Virtual Holistic Coaching Platform for Runners

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3-week sprint


Team of 4
Nydak Kur
Nathan Lane
Sheeri Bornstein



My Role

Heuristic evaluation, 
User interviews, Contextual inquiries,
UX Designer, 
UI design, Journey mapping, presentation

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Where to begin?

Current Site:

Landing page

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Testimonials page


Holistic 5 page

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Consultation page

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Client Brief

Run Free Training is a virtual coaching service for runners. Founded by Ryan Hall, an Olympic marathon runner, the program not only offers training advice but there is also a nutritionist and mobility coach on staff. The program is built on the holistic five methods: training, nutrition, rest, the 1%, and your internal game.

Run Free Technologies had a 60 % bounce rate in addition users had navigation and certain pages, such as about page", were never visited. Ideally, they were are seeking 
an overall UX audit of the existing site, with a focus on usability and accessibility. The top priorities:
Priority 1: Improve CTA’s for free consultation form and sign up/payment process.
Priority 2: Implement impactful storytelling to show the ‘Holistic Five’ Principles through visual icons and our virtual coaching process. 
Priority 3: effectively communicate client success stories for both the home page and Testimonials page.


What would be a successful outcome of this project?
We are looking to increase our "Free Consultation" submissions, Paid Memberships, and improve the bounce rate.   

Website Analytics (last 30 days) Visits_ 1.9k Bounce rate_ 59.8% Unique Visitors_ 1.7k Pag
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We interviewed 12 different runners to discuss their wants, needs, and habits as a runner

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What did we discover?

To gain a better understanding of the Run Free we chose to conduct contextual inquiries on the 12 different runners

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What's the problem?

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Old site map

Persona 1

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Persona 2

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What journey do they go on?

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What are the steps to develop?

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We proposed a global navigation/ site map using a card sorting analysis, which had a positive response throughout all iterations of the design

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Updated site map

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What are the designs?

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What was observed?

In each design phase, the users wanted and need to see specific information pertaining to each page.
Home Page Primary:
A clear understanding of brand and product, An enticing visual explanation of brands philosophy, Must-see pricing and what they will get from the product, Client success stories, Video for further information
The coaches section, Running camps, Shop/ store, Additional advertising, Highlighted Runners

Testimonials Primary:
Name of client, Successful quote, Where clients are from, The coach they trained with, Short story 

Clients to be arranged to reflect experience: verbiage that is both runner jargon or more relatable to an average person 

Holistic Five "Philosophy":

Clear visual icons that show the relationship of each Holistic Five to the runner's regime, A call to action button, Related videos 

Consultation Page:

A reminder of the "Holistic Five", Reformatted questions that are not leading, Centered clear design, A written timeline for reassurance
Additional needs: 
Confirmation page to indicate the form was submitted, Visual cues that indicate the next steps in the process

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Old Website

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Updated Pages

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What is the new journey?

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Low-Fi Landing Page

Mid-Fi Landing Page

Mid-Fi Philosophy  Page

High-Fi Testimonial Page

Low-Fi Consultation  Page

Mid-Fi Testimonial Page

What are the next steps?

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