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2-week sprint





My Role

Pen & Paper, Figma, 
User interviews, Contextual inquiries, 
UX designer, UI design, Research analysis, Journey mapping, 

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In today's world, women are having a difficult time figuring out what to wear and are looking for customizability to support their needs and want in dressing in this post covid world.
“I don’t know what to wear anymore”
“I am finding it difficult to Dress.”
“I want to invest in really good quality clothes and put them together with items that I already have.”

What would be a successful outcome of this project?
Create a clickable Mid-fidelity prototype with emphasis on utilizing the double diamond research in addition interview at least 4 users with at least usability testing. 

Where to begin?

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What are your shopping habits?
What is your daily and weekly flow- Ex: Wake-up?
Where do you shop for clothes online?
What apps have you used for a similar feature?
What is your ideal time that you like to take to get ready?
How many pieces do you wear?
What are you seeking to find when you go shopping online?
What amount of money do you spend on your clothing month?
Rate words and feelings 0-10- Stylist, wardrobe coordinator, dresser, personal shopper.

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Who is the customer?

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What is the problem?

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What is the journey?

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What are the designs?

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What is the data?

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4 useability tests were conducted on 
both low and mid-fidelity.

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“App is really easy to use and navigate”

"Like the option of uploading my own photo."

"Clean and Clear to understand what app was about."

What's next?

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Brainstorm on having a “HOME” page. test out home page.

Create an intigrative cloud or data base.

Flush out the pain points of the mid-fidelity prototype.

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